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If you go to salon to get a waves haircut, it requires a lot of money. With our wave kits, you'll be able to do it at home and to maintain it properly, all without the need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort.



Ergonomic curved handle-less design with more control, strong and firm. Made with natural cruelty free boar bristles. Not easy to fall.


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Wave Brushes

Wave Brushes

Premium Boar bristles and other brushes with unique designs just for the... 


  • Perfection Everywhere.

    Our brushes have great lay and pull for a soft brush, great for laying down the wolf. They work for all textures and are great for finding your angles, working your crown and great for control. Great for beard too.

  • Think of wave?

    Think Tsunami Connection wave brush, you will get that look you've been thinking in no time at all. You think of the life style? Think of the hair style, it could be you with Tsunami Connection wave brush!

  • Have what it takes?

    You have the looks, you have the swag. Do you have the hair style? With the Tsunami Connection wave brush you will be the envy of your mates. Get yours today and get ready for their questions of where you got it!